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New Oaks Consulting services are organized into four separate service groups that serve as typical entry points where we begin our work with clients. Although most of our engagements will require efforts in more than one of these areas, selecting the area of greatest need allows for early success and returns on client’s investment.

Organizational planning should be an important integrated process that leadership uses to fully discover, define and communicate the purpose of the organization. The plan should communicate the planned objectives, strategies, tactics and measurements for each initiative providing the opportunity for each employee to appropriately engage and fulfill the expected performance and behaviors. Organizational planning should follow a defined process that specifically meets the needs of the organization to exceed planned performances and outcomes.

  • Strategic Planning Support (Including Portfolio Choices)
  • RME Holistic Framework (Strategic Model)

Ensure your projects and initiatives meet planned objectives and timelines. We integrate a tailored project management system to engage employees to embrace the project management process and tools and deliver the organization’s planned outcomes. Optimal organizational performance results from engaged employees performing the best practices that produce the highest returns on effort. Therefore, selecting the concepts methodologies and practices that integrate into the organization’s processes / procedures are critical. Simply adopting a methodology without employee engagement will not deliver the desired performance or outcome. We provide tailored solutions from proven methodologies to ensure your employees embrace the new practices/behaviors and deliver the performance desired.

PMI Consultant Registry

  • Project Management Office (PMO) Development (Assessments, Improvements)
  • Project Manager Development (Coaching, Mentoring)
  • Project Management Training (Customized Training, PMP, OPM, Time Management)
  • Project Management Outsourcing - we can send PMP qualified Project Managers to help you run your projects
  • Process Improvement (LSS, Rapid Improvement)
  • Change Management (Redesign, Develop/Change, Redeploy)

Our innovative and integrated approach to Talent Management helps organizations integrate their talent management efforts into a coherent strategy to deliver exceptional and sustainable business results. New Oaks’ Talent Management Team partners with our clients to provide expertise in many aspects of talent management including:

  • Talent Selection and Assessment
  • HR Strategic Planning
  • Talent Management Consulting
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Training
  • Team Development
  • Succession Planning

We provide organizations with the needed support to explore, evaluate and develop the marketing and selling processes to capture new revenues in existing and new markets. Our experience with a wide array of industries, markets, marketing channels and products equips us with the ability to quickly assess and provide the information to provide a go or no-go decision.